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Where the Silk Road begins...

We are the only Hungarian consulting company primarily specialising in Western China. This region has the greatest development potential in Asia.


Our professional activity is aligned, with the Hungarian “Opening to the East” and the Chinese “One Road One Belt” international expansion strategies.

As part of our consulting services, we help Chinese companies and investors wishing to expand into Hungary (or into the region) to find their way on the Hungarian market. We identify not only the most suitable investment and tender opportunities, but also partners, businesses and higher education institutions who may be interested in cooperation. In addition, we assist in the process of immigration administration.

Scoop of our business

In cooperation with the Hungarian-Chinese Technology Transfer Center of Chongqing, we are involved in identifying and selecting competitive Hungarian patents, products and technologies that may be suitable for the Chinese market.

We have excellent government relations and a diplomatic background through colleagues who speak both Chinese and Hungarian ( Our expertise also extends to technology, hospitality, tourism, communications and other areas. It is a priority for us to provide high-quality, modern services.



With the help of our diversified network focusing on the regions of Western China, we support Hungarian market players in the field of business development in China. We provide information and consulting services to prepare and manage the appearance of Hungarian products and innovations in China. We conduct studies in geopolitical, economic and other topics.


Advisory and consulting services for Hungarian companies wishing to expand their businesses into China


Help with orientation on the European and Hungarian market for Chinese companies and investors


Promotion of trading of both Hungarian and Chinese products between the two countries


End-to-end assistance with processes related to immigration, residence permits and citizenship


Tender consultancy services to help companies win and optimally utilize EU and Hungarian tenders


Unique Hungarian university majors (including dual degrees) for Chinese students


Assistance for companies wishing to enter the Chinese market with Hungarian products and technologies


Reception of Chinese delegations and organization of official meetings and protocol events


Preparation, execution and management of projects both locally and in China

Sino-Hungarian diplomatic and economic relations

The Sino-Hungarian bilateral relations have been on a historical peak in the last years enjoying their most fruitful period. The successful economic and trade relations between the two countries have been catalyzed by synergy of the Hungarian “Opening to the east” and the Chinese “One Belt, One Road” policies. The most ambitious project of the above-mentioned Chinese policy – which has been joined by Hungary first out of all EU members – is the modernization of the Budapest-Belgrade railroad.
Hungary has been the first European Union member to use the COVID 19 vaccine developed by the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm, which can be taken as a sign of the deepness of the friendship between the two countries.
The favorable Hungarian investment environment has attracted a lot of new Chinese enterprises (China Construction Bank, CMC, ICBC, Intretech, Shenzhen-Kedali etc.) in addition to the old ones (Wanhua-Borsodcem, Bohong-Wescast, Huawei, ZTE, Bank of China, BYD etc.).
On the 9th of February 2021. Mr. Xi Jinping, president of China – during his speech at the China-CEEC 17+1 summit – has highlighted the importance of the founding of the Hungarian campus of the Fudan university. According to the speech of Mr. Xi Hungary has become an educational superpower in the eyes of the Chinese people. The educational cooperation between China and Hungary has superseded its bilateral roots and grew into a global partnership, thus Hungary gained the status of an internationally important educational partner of China.
Central and Eastern Europe-China (17+1) cooperation`s role on the stage of the world politics is getting more and more important. Hungary plays a flagship role among the 17 CEE countries, which can be proven by the following facts:
  • The first CCE-China summit has been held in Budapest, as a result of the joint efforts of Hungary and China
  • Hungary has the most numerous Chinese diaspora (30-40 thousand) among all the member countries
  • The most Chinese investments above 4 billion dollars have been realized in Hungary
  • The largest investment in the CEE region has been made in Hungary by the acquisition of the Borsodchem Zrt. by the Chinese Wanhua company (2 billion dollars)
  • Hungary has the highest volume of exports into China
The role of Western China in the economic policy of China is similar in many ways to the role of the CEE region in the EU. On one hand it is a less developed region, on the other hand though it has an outstanding development potential. The booming of the region is accelerated by cohesion benefits from the EU and the Chinese government. It is important to highlight the increasing importance of the transcontinental rail cargo, as the above-mentioned regions are key players in this aspect, considering that the shortest path between China and Europe lies between the CEE and Western China regions, which has a positive effect on the development of the trade relations. The logistical chains got a key role in the development of the “New Silk Road” .

Our key partner

Chinese-Hungarian Technology Transfer Center (CHTTC)

The Chinese-Hungarian Technology Transfer Center (CHTTC), established in 2017, is the first official technology transfer platform between China and Hungary, with two offices set up in Chongqing and Budapest respectively.

The (CHTTC) mainly provides professional services such as the exchange and matchmaking of science and technology talent, innovative technologies and industrial capital, as well as the transfer and transformation of science and technology innovations. The Chongqing office is managed by the Chongqing Hi-Tech Incubation Center, which is subordinate to the Chongqing Academy of Science and Technology. The (CHTTC) has expanded its partnership with Sichuan Province, Yunnan Province, and Gansu Province. This provides an initial ecosystem for international technology transfer services. The CHTTC has held eight China-Hungary project matchmaking conferences to date, and organized more than 80 bilateral dialogues and contributed to the successful matchmaking of 53 projects. With its assistance, 12 project agreements have been signed and nine projects have been implemented in Chongqing.

Our office in Chongqing is located at the same building with (CHTTC)’s headquarters.





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