Eu-Xperience platform

The Smart Region Innovation Cluster has been founded on the 2nd of May 2011. As of today, the cluster consists of 23 members, mostly SMEs. Furthermore, we also maintain partnership relations with the Széchenyi István University, the Szent István University and the University of Nyíregyháza. As a part of an international tender on entering new markets our Cluster is exploring market possibilities in Asia with special emphasis on China. By doing so we establish overseas business partnerships for our Hungarian partner Universities and for our members interested in technology-transfer.

EU-Xperience project: The project has been shaping since 2012. Although at first it has been created for market research purposes, we are already engaged in numerous educational segments, such as: university preparatory courses, sales of university courses taught in English and finding internships for international students studying in Hungary. An overseas intern is a huge professional asset for Hungarian SMEs, as the companies can experience the business culture of the given regions.

Along the lines of the project, our cluster has sent professional delegations to China 10 times between 2011 and 2020 for experience gaining and promotion purposes. In the spring of 2019, with the support of the Consulate General of Hungary in the city of Chongqing in Western China. We have established efficient work relations with the 8 most influential universities of the region. The Sino-Hungarian educational roundtable led by Dr. Laszlo Palkovics the Minister of National Innovation and Technology of Hungary, where he has focused on introducing our Cluster as an important Hungarian educational mediator to Chinese University leaders has been a remarkable milestone for our project.

Due to our joining as InWest-China Ltd. the Cluster has gained a new member in 2020. The consultancy founded by the former Consul General of Hungary in Chongqing is unique on the Hungarian market focusing on the Western Chinese region, which is the region with the most development potential in China. We execute our work along the ideals of the Hungarian “Opening to the East” and the Chinese “One Belt one Road” policies

On the 9th of February 2021. Mr. Xi Jinping, president of China – during his speech at the China-CEEC 17+1 summit – has highlighted the importance of the founding of the Hungarian campus of the Fudan university. According to the speech of Mr. Xi Hungary has become an educational superpower in the eyes of the Chinese people. The educational cooperation between China and Hungary has superseded its bilateral roots and grew into a global partnership, thus Hungary gained the status of an internationally important educational partner of China.

Capitalizing on its professional and social network InWest-China Ltd. has lent a new momentum to the project and has set it on a course of development. Our middle range goal is become a dominant player in the field of Sino-Hungarian educational relations by utilizing our human and finiancial resources